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Guess The Emoji : Guess Emoji The Quiz Game

Guess Emoji The Quiz Game


Guess Emoji The Quiz Game is the ultimate emoji quiz game on Android!
With over 1400 emoji puzzles, Guess The Emoji : Emoji Quiz has the largest collection of emoji puzzles for all emoji guessing games!
The idea is really simple: there are multiple emojis shown to you, you just need to guess what they mean. More than 1400 emoji puzzles to quiz!
There are totally 66 categories of emoji puzzles, like: brand, celebrity, food, movie, music, animal, saying, place, etc.. All the icons on the emoji keyboard work together to bring you quiz fun!

With this guessing emoji app, Guess The Emoji : Emoji Quiz, you don’t need to solve the current emoji puzzle to go to guess next one, there are 48 emoji puzzles in an emoji level. You can guess all 96 emoji puzzles in first 2 levels without any limitation!
Emoji guessing game is really addictive, play this Guess The Emoji : Emoji Quiz game to train your brain!

When you play this Guess The Emoji game, don’t try to find emoji answers, since it will break the fun.

Logo Quiz Superb

Logo Quiz Superb


Happy New Year!
Guess 1700 logos in brand guessing game Logo Quiz Superb!
Logo Quiz Superb is a funny guessing game on which you can guess more than 1700 logos of different brands and companies.
Do you like playing game like puzzle, trivia, logo quiz games? How many brands or companies can you recognize from all over the world? Logo Quiz Superb is the best guessing logo game for you! You can not only have guessing fun on this game, but also learn a lot knowledge of different brands or compaines around the world!

How to guess the logo: Just walk through all logos in a certain level, click one logo and you will be shown a series of scrambled letters, out of which you need to make a word that you think it’s the logo name. After you unlock a certain amount of logos, a new level will be unlock and you can guess more logos!

* More than 1700 logos to guess in more than 30 levels!
* Showing full logos after you guess the logo correctly
* Helpful and concrete clues! Each logo has 3 hints.
* Leaderboard! Compete with your friends on guessing brands!

Do you want to have a fun start on 2016 new year? Play this logos quiz game. It’s the best logo game of 2016! With more than 1700 logos, you will surely gain very much fun! It includs logos from United States, United Kingdom, France, Gemany, Italy, Spain, Mexico, Brazil, Canada, Philippines, Russia, and many other countries.

Download this top trending game on the google play for free and begin the guessing fun right now!

New logos are coming, check for updates!
Please don’t use the logo quiz answers, it will reduce the fun of this game.

Download it from: http://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=logo.quiz.game.f5.logos.quiz.game

Guess The Movie & Character



If you’re a movie-lover or if you’ve seen lots of great movies, you will definitely love this guessing game – Guess The Movie & Character. Since it can test you how many movies you can remember and recognize.
The game play is simple, what you need to do is to guess a movie’s or a character’s name based on handcrafted beautiful cartoon which left you a clue to help guess the movie.

1. Useful hints to help guess the movie/character
a)removing wrong letters,
b)reveal a correct letter,
c)showing summary information,
d)ask help from your friends via facebook
e)There are many ways in the game to get free coins to use hints. If you login the game every day, you will be award 60 coins!
2. More than 20 levels, 490 cartoon to guess
3. Beautiful UI
4. Google Play leaderboard, compare your score with your friends
Download it from: http://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=guess.the.movie.and.character.guessing.games.icomania.guessthefilm

4 Pics 1 Word



★★★What’s The Word in the four pictures?★★★
— Whats the word are we looking for? —
The new addictive and funny puzzle game is now available for Android! In every puzzle, there are 4 pictures with something in common – what is it?

— Can You Unlock Them All ? —
Can you guess all words and unlock all levels? Countless puzzles from easy to tricky are waiting for you!

— Dig the word from beautiful pictures —
What is the word? Look at the four pictures, find out what they have in common. Win!

So that’s it – What’s The WORD!!!
The fun and addictive quiz game with pictures, logos and much more meets Android! Whats the word, what is the word, you guess it!

This is a something for word games and quiz lovers. Keep guessing. Guess the word!

What a kitty and a ship may have in common? What’s the word? They’re fluffy!
What about grass and a frog? What’s the word? Green! Keep guessing and use your brain when puzzles become tricky.
Guess the word and have fun!

Logo Quiz Ultimate



Logo Quiz Ultimate! A brand new Logo Quiz Game with thousands of logos classified in 24 categories for you to enjoy the logo quiz fun!

Playing is pretty simple: In first 19 levels, there’s no conditions so that you can go ground in these levels and guess logos. If you want to go further, you will have to guess a certain number of logos to unlock the new categories and new levels.
How to guess the logo: Just walk through the logos in levels, take one logo and you’re shown a series of scrambled letters, out of which you have to make a word that you associate with the logo.

Play Logo Quiz Ultimate, you will get: instant fun, accurately classified in categories, clear and beatiful UI in this logo quiz game!

We now present you the new puzzle adventure – Logo Quiz Ultimate! Download the top trending game on the market for free and begin the icon mania right now!


Icomania – Guess The Icon!


★★★ Quiz hundreds of icons from the stunning cartoons – IcoMania: Guess the Icon! ★★★

Can you recognize the icon from an imaginative, handcrafted cartoon? There are hundreds of cartoon for you to quiz! It’s free!

An old man and his grandson met a giant and broke robot in the seaside, what’s this movie? — It’s Pacific Rim! What’s the character which is a little and yellow creature in a blue jean with little hair? — It’s Dave in Despicable Me! … There are much more icons for you to quiz! The icons includes TV & Movies, Characters, Famous People, Country, Cities, and Brands.Come and try this icon pop quiz game!

Playing ‘Icomania – Guess the Icon’ is pretty simple: you see an icon and you’re shown a series of 14 or 16 scrambled letters, out of which you have to make a word that you associate with the icon.

We now present you the new puzzle adventure – icomania! Download the top trending game on the market for free and begin the icon mania right now!